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Wall Mosaic

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Roughly a year ago, I set out to create a massive image to occupy a large blank wall space. I wanted it to be something different from just 1 static image printed really large; enter the large-scale mosaic.

The mosaic’s starting point was this image

It was cropped & colours tweaked slightly. I then selected 300 of my favourite photos, which were fed into a mosaic creator along with the altered lantana image. The mosaic creator churned out the following map, 300 cells in total; 30 cells across by 10 cells high, measuring 3 metres wide and 75cm high.

Rather than just printing that as 1 large image (3 metres x 75cm), I printed 150 individual 6″x4″ prints. Each 6″x4″ was then cut in half, resulting in my 300 cells.

I then created a large polystyrene board and set about pinning down each of the 300 images; 4 pins an image meant 1200 pins all up.

The end result:

Time spent all up including creating the mosaic map and pinning: circa 11 hours.



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